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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Everyone

Founded in 2017, Couture Claws has been striving to make a fun, clean and creative space to get nail services. We wanted to create a positive, uplifting space where you can come get nails services done by your friends, family and neighbors. Upscale for us doesn't mean fancy chairs and fro-fro jargon, just good people, good products and fair treatment.

Like we always say, every Artist here is independent and we like it that way. Yes, there are certain ways we like like things but luckily we're all like minded, our customers are people too, cleanliness is key and couture fashion drives us home. Done with the way things used to be, all of us want to be here in this creative atmosphere to serve you, our customers because without your support we would have never made it this far.

Luhia St. Location

Current Location

Our Story

While our journey is ongoing, we've come a long way from where we started. Even if it's only been a handful of years since Couture Claws was established, Cyndy, our Owner and Founder began her journey nearly 15 years ago. What started out as a fascination with the intricate nail art from techs in Japan grew into an mission to bring that fun, playful and technically challenging art to the shores of Hawai'i. While certainly not the first and definitely not the last person to do this artistic genre of nail services, Couture Claws was established with the mission that every artist and their style is precious and valued.

Back in 2017 Cyndy and Jase only had a 400sqft studio, no sink and a dream. We had to make a sink based off the designs from people who live off grid, we had to carry in pails of clean water and carry out containers of dirty water. It was an upstairs unit in the corner so every afternoon we'd have to hide from the sun otherwise the hard gel would cure due to UV exposure. Fast forward to 2019, we signed a lease for 850sqft of what seemed like vintage office space in what is now known as BREW. Hoping we'd be able to find artists our pen hit the paper and we started dreaming and designing a place where it was both inviting and inspiring.    

Meet The Team

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